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Collective agreement negotiations 2021–2022

PAM exists to make working life better for service sector workers. The most important way to influence this is to negotiate collective agreements for service sector workers and monitor compliance with these. 

What is a collective agreement?

A collective agreement is an agreement on areas including pay, working hours, holidays and sick leave. The terms are minimum terms. PAM negotiates collective agreement with the employers’ federations.

Collective agreement surveys at workplaces 13.10.-19.11.2021

Surveys are being carried out at workplaces to prepare for the upcoming collective agreement negotiations. These will collect information from service sector workers on what improvements they want to see in their employment terms.  Surveys are currently being carried out by workplace and company shop stewards in the commerce sector, the property services sector and the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry, among others.

Employees at workplaces can fill in the forms together and combine their responses on one reporting form. You can, of course, also do the survey on your own. 

Instructions for doing the collective agreement surveys

We would like shop stewards to be active in doing surveys at workplaces. The surveys give us valuable information on what things to focus on in the collective agreement negotiations. They also make it easier to have discussions about the upcoming negotiations.

Doing the survey is easy. Print out the form for your sector below, go through the survey with your co-workers and then enter the results in the summary form provided.


News from the collective agreement negotiations