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Once you have joined PAM, you will receive confirmation by text message. We will also post a welcome letter to you within about two weeks. Your membership will become and remain valid as of the date you join, if you pay your membership fees regularly right from your joining date.

Get a CityShoppari 2018 card when you join!

The card gives you up to 1000 discounts at over 400 participating companies all over Finland, saving you hundreds of euros. The card works on your smartphone. N.B. Cityshoppari card is sent to your smartphone, so remember to give your telephone number when you join.

Membership fee

Your PAM membership fee is 1.5% of your gross pay – in other words, your earnings before tax. For example, the membership fee is 15 euros for monthly pay of €1,000 and 30 euros for pay of €2,000. You can deduct PAM membership fees from your taxes. The easiest way of paying your membership fee is to authorise your employer’s payroll administration to withhold it from your pay.

When you join PAM, you’ll be entitled to:

  • a collective agreement (incl. better pay and terms and conditions of employment negotiated by the Union on your behalf);
  • a shop steward to support and advise you with any problems at your workplace;
  • PAM’s employment advisory services;
  • legal assistance and a lawyer’s services if you need them to deal with any employment issues;
  • material to monitor terms and conditions of employment;
  • splendid member benefits worth hundreds of euros;
  • earnings-related unemployment benefits in case you lose your job.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about joining PAM, member benefits or membership fees. We’ll be glad to help you. Send us a message here or call 030 100 600.