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Join PAM if you work in the private service sector! PAM negotiates collective agreements for service sectors and safeguards its members’ interests at workplaces. As a member of PAM you are entitled to all union membership services, such as employment advice, training and if needed legal assistance and the services of a lawyer. You also get earnings-related unemployment allowance, if you lose your job. 

You are entitled to apply earnings-related unemployment allowance when  you have been a member of  the Unemployment Fund for at least 6 months (read more about the employment condition). It is safe to change union or YTK: there are no interruptions to your unemployment security, if membership of your previous union and fund is valid. You cannot join PAM if you are unemployed or laid off.

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Once you have joined PAM, you will receive confirmation by text message. We will also post a welcome letter to you within about two weeks. Your membership will become and remain valid as of the date you join, if you pay your membership fees regularly right from your joining date.

Membership is worth it

When you join PAM, you’ll be entitled to:

Reading what service sector workers have to say gives you lots of good reasons to be a PAM member! Read our members’ own stories here.

As a member of PAM, you can leave your worries behind at work

We make sure that you are treated fairly, your wages are paid correctly and that laws and agreements are respected at your workplace. You can always contact your shop steward if you have any questions relating to your job. These might be about your pay, working shifts or extra working hours. If there is no shop steward, PAM’s employment service will help you. If any dispute cannot be solved by the shop steward or PAM’s specialists, you can get legal assistance.

PAM advises members on employment matters around 50,000 times a year and is involved in solving around 1000 disputes. The majority of workplace disputes have to do with an employee´s wages being underpaid. Disputes can also be about working time, termination of employment or getting extra working hours.

Membership fee

The union's membership fee is 1.5 percent of the gross salary and includes the Unemployment Fund's membership fee. For example, on monthly pay of 1000 euros the membership fee is 15 €. You get part of the membership fee back in taxation. Student membership is free!

Read more abo in PAM's brochure.  

First month is free

The month you join is free for new members. For example, if you join on 10 September, the membership fee is paid from 1 October onwards. This benefit does not apply to members that have resigned and re-joined within the last 12 months.

Get to know Emre! Emre recommends membership to all employees working in private service sector: 


Student membership

If you are studying for a service sector occupation, join as a PAM student member. Student membership is free! As a student member you get almost the same membership benefits as full PAM members. You can participate in events and training sessions, and the membership benefits can save you money.

Are you studying and working at the same time?

If you are working while studying, you should join PAM as a full member. Then you pay membership fees from your wage income and you are entitled to all the membership services. You also generate the employment condition, which is a requirement for receiving earnings-related unemployment allowance. 

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about joining PAM, member benefits or membership fees. We’ll be glad to help you. Send us a message here or call 030 100 630.

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