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A good CV is key in the jobs market

Jyrki Ijäs has many years of experience as a chef. Last autumn it was time to look for something new. Photo: Eeva Anundi

PAM's career coaching service helped an experienced restaurant employee to find a new job. A well written CV was the key to getting the position.

Jyrki Ijäs has followed the jobs market in the restaurant sector for some time. "This has been a really challenging period for the restaurant sector. At one stage the job centre only had around 20 vacancies or chefs, whereas normally there are over 100. There has always been plenty of work for chefs, then suddenly there was none. Although the situation still isn't back to normal, things are a lot better now", he says.

Coaching was a big help

Ijäs quit his job and started looking for a new one. In PAM's newsletter he noticed that PAM offers personalised career coaching. He signed up for the service.

There were two half-hour sessions. The first time Ijäs and the coach went through things on a more general level.

The second session focused on what to put in Ijäs' CV. In particular, he thinks that sharpening up the wording of his profile in the CV was really useful. "When it came to landing a job, it helped to realise you need a CV that tells a bit more about you and emphasises why you are the right one for the job", Ijäs says.

"The profile in your CV gives more of an impression of you as a person and, alongside experience, could be the key to getting an interview", he states.

Job interviews followed quickly

Soon after the coaching, Ijäs got invited to job interviews. After three interviews, he was selected for a job he applied for.

"In interviews it pays to be open and honest, that's the way to go. I have said what I want in the new job and stressed that my passion is to cook good food and also to sing sometimes", smiles Ijäs, who is also a professional opera singer.

Ijäs also made a list of questions to put to employers. "I have a long employment history, so I know what I want in a chef's position."

Coaching that's right for everyone

Ijäs is very pleased with the coaching he got, but regrets not taking advantage of the other career coaching benefits, such as the video interview simulator or the job application documents.

"The coaching on Teams went really well. Once Covid is behind us, I'm sure face-to-face service will be back too. I recommend the career advice service to anyone looking for a new job or wanting to get on in their present job."


PAM's career advice services are free of charge for PAM members. PAM supports members in job searches and developing their skills.

Personalised coaching helps you to better identify your skills and gives you useful tips for your own work and for career development. The coach focuses your ideas and helps with practical steps towards new objectives as well as providing support with job hunting or locating study possibilities. There is also job interview coaching using a simulator.

The career advice service includes the following:

  • Personalised coaching to support job searches and/or skills identification
  • Small groups to support job searches
  • Material resources to support job searches and skills development
  • Video interview simulator
  • Online courses for shop stewards
  • Online course for summer jobseekers 

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