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Ann Selin, who leaves PAM’s presidency, is proud of mutual accomplishments

Mutual values work as a backrest when you face difficult desicons, said Ann Selin. Photo: Eeva Anundi

Mutual values work as a backrest when you face difficult desicons, said Ann Selin. Photo: Eeva Anundi

Ann Selin, a multi-talent in the labour market, a staunch supporter of the Nordic negotiation society and advocate for equality, held her farewell speech today at the Congress Union as she is stepping down as PAM’s President.

“PAM is a really great organization. I'm lucky that I've got to be its’ President, Ann Selin stated as preliminary words in her farewell speech.

Selin feels that in many cases, PAM has boldly been standing on the frontline, taking working life issues boldly forward.

"I am proud of our many accomplishments. Already in the early 2000’s, we were the first union that managed to negotiate paid paternity leave locally. It was included in the facility services’ collective agreement. From there, it spread to other collective agreements, both in PAM and in other unions”, Selin reflects over past years.

According to Selin the trade union movement, central organizations or trade unions do certainly not need power as an absolute value.

“When power is required from the trade union movement”, Selin says she has asked: “Then, from whom will the power be reduced from?”

“It would be a little less easy for many to say that they want the voice of the employees, wage earners, to be completely silenced. For that purpose, the trade union movement has an influence. So that the employees have a voice. Employees need a collective voice, because a single voice is often scarcely heard, if at all”, Selin continues.

”In addition to the public debate, Selin also raises her own remarks, especially in connection with the negotiations”, and in addition she sends greetings to the employers' federations.

"I'm slightly frustrated sometimes in public occasions, and I have said that it is not worth while that the employers' federations put only messengers at the negotiating table. In that case, there will be no negotiation, only exchange of goals, and no agreements will be generated”, Selin comments as an experienced negotiator.

Selin does not lack activities the future, as she will continue her work at PAM.

”I will continue at PAM for the time being. I will see various positions of trust through. Recently, Minerva's publishing house contacted me and they want me to write my biography. The book project is estimated to take about a yea”, summerizes Selin her plans for the future.

The whole speech is found here.

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