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Union Congress

Annika Rönni-Sällinen elected PAM’s new President

Annika came and Ann left. Photo: Eeva Anundi

Annika came and Ann left. Photo: Eeva Anundi

Service Union United PAM has elected a new President and a personal deputy for the President at the Union Congress. Apart from electing an Executive Committee and a Council, the Congress, which ends on Thursday, will decide on priority actions for the union. In the meeting, there are 373 elected delegates.

Annika Rönni-Sällinen has been elected PAM's Persident. Rönni-Sällinen, 42, has for 20 years worked in various tasks within the trade union movement, most of the time as a bargaining manager at the Service Union United PAM. Currently, she leads the Department of Working Conditions at the SAK. By education, she is a lawyer.

"I do not want service sector employees to work in the future on minimum wages without collective agreements and without the security that the joint guarding of interest entails. I wanted to become PAM’s President, because I want to enhance justice and defend the weak in society”, Rönni-Sällinen said last autumn when she announced her interest in the presidency.

In her campaign Rönni-Sällinen has emphasized, that it is important for PAM’s futurer lobbying and the union members to increase the appreciation for the service sectors and service professions.

”Service sector professionals are dealing with unforeseen changes in their work. Many service sector workers, especially those working part-time and the self-employed, are struggling for their living. We need to safeguard the sufficiency of service sector jobs with fair working conditions, and that the expertise and skills of service sector professionals are acknowledged. This is ensured by developing high-quality jobs and employment relationships”, Rönni-Sällinen tells.

Risto Kalliorinne elected PAM President personal deputy

Risto Kalliorinne has been a personal deputy for PAM’s President since autumn 2018. Kalliorinne was re-elected for a new period. As a deputy of PAM’s Executive Committee Chair, he is also a member of the union’s steering group.

Kalliorinne has previously worked as a regional office manager in the North of Finland and as a manager. At the moment, Kalliorinne is a substitute for the European Parliament member Merja Kyllönen in the Finnish Parliament until the end of June. Kalliorinne was also a member of Parliament during the years 2011-2015.

Kalliorinne sees as important that regional operations are strengthened and the shop stewards receive more support during the upcoming period.
"We will expand our interest monitoring system so that more members have access to a shop steward or other officials, who promotes employee co-operation, the guarding of interest and the organization right", commented Kalliorinne.

Both elections were made unanimously.






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