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Article Pam Magazine - 12.05.2017 klo 11.14

An asylum seeker at work

An Iraqi asylum seeker is navigating the Finnish labour market, but he doesn't know his rights. What he does know is that he doesn't want to put up with a boss that yells. »

Article Pam Magazine - 31.03.2017 klo 10.27

How cleaners’ wages increased

How cleaners’ wages increased

Cleaners’ entry-level wages as per the pay scales in place have gradually reached a level equivalent to the wages paid to waiters and sales assistants, but there are differences in terms of their average earnings. A major earnings development programme carried out in the facilities services sector over a period of several years has now been completed. »

Article Pam Magazine - 31.03.2017 klo 10.15

Contract winner using bullying tactics

Contract winner using bullying tactics

Ibrahim Abousreaa worked excessively long days and unpaid hours for a company that is doing well in competitive tendering for municipal cleaning services. »

Article Pam Magazine News Pam Magazine - 31.03.2017 klo 09.34

Welcome on board

Welcome on board

The cabins on the ferries cruising between Finland and Sweden are cleaned by Bangladeshi IT professionals. They are paid less than hotel housekeepers and they don’t understand why. »

Article Pam Magazine - 17.02.2017 klo 08.58

Did you know? The Collective Agreement has been renewed

A new agreement period has begun in the facilities services sector. A new bargaining round is already in the pipeline. »

Article Pam Magazine - 10.03.2016 klo 10.39

Bring your working hours up to date

The employment contract of a part-time employee working within hotel and restaurant services must match the hours that they work. »

Article Pam Magazine News Pam Magazine - 06.11.2015 klo 08.00

Rushing increases accidents

Occupational accidents are clearly more common where hotel housekeepers’ pace of cleaning has become more demanding, PAM Magazine’s survey reveals. »