Article - 26.09.2018 klo 08.00

PAM’s web page for the Congress elections is available

In the following Congress elections new decision-makers are elected for the Service Union United PAM. The elected decision-makers will create policy lines for the union’s activities for the next four-year period.

PAM’s Congress elections will be held between 25 March and 8 April 2019. The election will designate around 400 congress representatives, who will elect PAM’s Council and Executive Committee, as well as a new President for the union at the Union congress in Helsinki between 4 and 6 June 2019. During the congress a target-setting program will also be drawn up for the next four years. PAM’s current President Ann Selin is stepping down from her position next summer.

Before the Congress elections, you can become familiar with the election web page, where you find accurate information on the proceedings of the elections, timetables, candidate nominations as well as the results of the election.

Announce your candidacy in PAM’s Congress elections

The elections ahead offers all PAM members the opportunity to make an impact on PAM’s and the service sectors’ future. Therefore, we look forward to seeing a wide range of candidates, who represent PAM’s various sectors, age-groups and geographical areas.

Any member belonging to one of PAM’s local branches can register as a candidate, if he/she has paid the membership fee until the end of the previous calendar year before the election, or if he/she has been exempted from paying the membership fee.

A person is not eligible if he/she is on old-age pension or wholly on disability pension, if she/he is a student member, or an official hired by the union or the branches.

Pre-registration for candidates start on 1 October 2018.

Get familiar with the web pages for the Congress elections and register as a candidate!