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Collective bargaining - 16.03.2020 klo 11.23

Busy week of negotiations getting going

Photo: GettyImages.

This week PAM will continue negotiations on new working and pay conditions with, among others, PALTA, the Pharmacist Employers Association of Finland and MaRa.

On Monday 16 March PAM will continue collective agreement negotiations with PALTA on three different agreements. It is the turn of negotiations in the cinema sector, golf sector and removal services. The previous collective agreements in these sectors expired either at the end of January or February. The working conditions in the old agreements will apply until the new agreement enters into force.

The Avecra agreement sector commission will meet on Monday. Actual negotiations with Avecra Oy on working conditions will continue on Wednesday 18 March with the employers' federation MaRa. Avecra employees work in train and station restaurants, for example. The current Avecra collective agreement is in force until the end of March.

In the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry, Collective agreement negotiations for employees and supervisors will continue in small working groups on textual questions. The agreement sector commission will meet on Tuesday, when members of the commission will discuss the overall state of the negotiations. 

So the collective agreements that PAM makes and matters affecting those agreement sectors are discussed during the negotiations by the agreement sector commissions.  The members of the commission are usually shop stewards in their agreement sector or other activists from different parts of Finland. 

Finnish National Theatre technical staff: at the negotiations on Tuesday 17 March employees will represented in the negotiations by PAM and also the Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland, Teme. The employers will be represented by the Association of Finnish Theatres. The current agreement expires at the end of March. 

On Tuesday PAM will also continue negotiations on the customer service and telemarketing sector agreement. The customer service and telemarketing sector collective agreement covers clerical staff and employees working for member companies of Markkinointipalvelujen Työnantajayhdistys. The agreement in the sector expired at the end of February, when the sector entered an interval without collective agreements.  (in Finnish)

Last Friday collective agreement negotiations started on the pharmacy sector collective agreement, and these are due to continue on Thursday 19 March. 

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