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Working conditions - 23.10.2020 klo 10.05

Clocks changing to winter time

When working as the time is shifted, please check your salary. Photo: Gettyimages.

Clocks are changed to winter time on October 25, 2020, the last weekend of the month, on the night between Saturday and Sunday.

This year, clocks are changed early on Sunday morning on October 25. When clocks are changed to winter time, they go backward by one hour, from 4 am to 3 am.

Your wages and any additional pay shall be paid on the basis of actual working hours. If you have worked throughout the night between Saturday and Sunday you may have accumulated, in reality, one hour more than what is seen on the shift schedule. Also Sunday premiums shall be paid according to actual hours worked. 

Always remeber to check you pay slip  and that the salary has been paid correctly.

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