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Collective Bargaining - 24.01.2023 klo 15.08

Collective agreement negotiations in facility services sector underway

Service Union United PAM and Real Estate Employers started negotiating new terms and conditions for the facility services sector today. PAM seeks a pay increase of about 200 euros for workers.

“In the first meeting we presented PAM’s proposed changes to text, that is the improvements we seek besides pay increases”, said Collective Bargaining Specialist Jarkko Viitanen.

“We also agreed several times for negotiation for the coming weeks. On Monday we’ll hear the employers’ sides demands and the take it from there.”

The pay negotiations between PAM and Real Estate Employers ended in mid-January without agreement on pay increases. Therefore, pay as well as all other terms and conditions of the collective agreement are up for negotiation. The current collective agreement has been terminated to end on 28 February 2023.

Read more and follow the negotiations here.

PAM is part of the #WageUnion, the SAK trade unions’ coordination during the negotiations this spring. The unions seek the pay raises workers deserve in cooperation. PAM’s goal is a wage increase of about 200 euros for its members.