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Do you want to improve your Finnish language skills?

PAM has organised Finnish language courses for its' members over ten years now and the courses have been very popular. Photo: GettyImages.

If you answered yes to this question, PAM offers Finnish language courses in autumn 2020 – come along to strengthen your Finnish skills. Apply no later than 31 August.

PAM offers union members Finnish language courses, which start annually in the spring and fall in Helsinki. Application time for the fall courses begins on 28 July. 

“The Finnish course is arranged for free to PAM members, who work in the service sectors, for example, as a cleaners, or in a restaurant or a store”, says PAM’s Educational planner Jenni Pihlaste.

"Learn Finnish" is a course where the aim is for the participant to learn how to use Finnish at work and in everyday life. The course participants will also familiarize themselves with the rules and customs of Finnish working life. During the course the participants will learn how to read and write in Finnish according to the person’s own language level.

At the first session, 15 September, there is a mandatory level test in Helsinki, after which the participants are divided into three groups based on their Finnish level skill. The groups meet weekly at the same time until mid-December. When the course ends student gets a certificate where will be stated what the student has studied. 

Finnish is used at many workplaces in Finland, so learning the language will help employees to move forward on the working life path.

Participating do not require earlier knowledge of the Finnish language, therefore Pihlaste encourages everyone to apply. 

“Traditionally the beginner’s group starts with basic Finnish words. Phrases and questions are thought at first. In the advanced group even poems are sometimes recited in Finnish”, mentions Pihlaste.

“Weekly group meetings do offer a good place to learn and get peer support for learning the language”, says PAM’s Educational planner Jenni Pihlaste. Photo: Heli Sorjonen.

According to the Educational Planner PAM has a long tradition for offering Finnish language courses. 
“This is already the eleventh year when Finnish language courses are arranged in Helsinki. Courses have been very popular, and more groups have been added to the course list during the last years”.

Read more about previous students’ thoughts on the course here.

Remember the following things about the course

  • Application deadline is 31 August. Apply trough PAM’s event calendar. Fill in the application form either in English or in Finnish 
  • Applicants are notified by 7 September about selection to the course. Each group will consist of 10-15 students.
  • At the first session, 15 September, there is a mandatory level test in Helsinki, after which the participants are divided into these three groups based on their Finnish level skill:
    Group 1: Opin suomea- alkeet- beginning’s course (22 September- 8 December) on Tuesdays 3-4.30 pm
    Group 2: Puhun suomea- keskitaso- mid level (22 September- 8 December) on Tuesdays 4.30-6 pm
    Group 3: Luen ja kirjoitan suomea – edistyneet - advanced (23 September – 9 December) on Wednesdays 3.45-5.15 pm
  • If you have any questions regarding the course, contact us by email.
  • Please get to know the course programme here.