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Working life - 02.07.2021 klo 14.00

Even summer workers should join a trade union

Photo: Liisa Takala

A summer job opened the doors to the restaurant industry for Pavel Kurhinen. Now 30-year-old Kurhinen has been working in the restaurant sector for ten years. A PAM membership brings security to working life.

Working in the service industries has always been Pavel Kurhinen's big dream. It came true early on when he got his foot in the door of the restaurant industry through a summer job.

“I initially trained to be a restaurant chef. Working in the service industries has always been my dream. I think the industry is especially suitable for people who are extrovert and who want to interact with other people. I see myself continuing to work in the restaurant industry in the future, Kurhinen says.

Kurhinen considers it important that summer workers also join the trade union. During his ten-year career, Kurhinen has used PAM's telephone services, among other things, which have worked well.

“I see my membership in PAM as a kind of insurance. As a member of the union, I get the reassurance that I will get help when I face a difficulty at work. In the past, I have especially used PAM's telephone services, through which I have checked matters related to my employment”, says Kurhinen.

Towards post-corona times

Kurhinen, who currently works as a shift manager in a restaurant in Helsinki, says that he likes to work in the summer and luckily work is scheduled this summer. For several years now, Kurhinen has been doing additional work at the bar during the summer.

“One of the reasons I like working in the summer is beause of people. The clientele is especially happy and receptive during the summer. In Finland, summer is short and you want to enjoy it”, Kurhinen adds.

He knows that the pandemic has tested those working in the service sector in particular. The corona pandemic has brought with it uncertainty about the continuation of work and livelihoods, especially in the restaurant sector.

“At the moment, it seems that the corona situation is moving in a better direction and the sector is being opened up and restrictions eased. I look hopefully towards the time after the corona. I believe that the dodge of the corona will stimulate the industry and many more people will be able to return to work again”, he concludes.

You can join PAM as well!

Only the trade union will stick up for the employee in working life. Employee benefits, such as holidays, sick pay, or parental leave, should not be taken for granted. The union negotiates collective agreements that agree on working conditions in addition to pay.

As a member of PAM, you are entitled to all union membership services, such as employment counseling, training and, if necessary, unemployment benefit, legal aid and the services of a lawyer. In addition, you get several other benefits wort while.

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