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Collective agreement - 01.10.2020 klo 11.59

Exemptions for tourism, restaurant and leisure services in the preparation and publication of shift lists

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Exceptions to the preparation and publication of shift lists were renewed - an element of flexibility is included due to possible regulatory restrictions.

The corona epidemic has had a significant impact on the tourism, restaurant and leisure services and therefore, PAM and the employers' federation MaRa, have agreed on temporary changes in the preparation and publication of work shift lists. In exceptional cases, the shift list can be given to the employee one week before the shifts starts and the shifts can be marked for 1-2 weeks at a time.

The agreed changes will take effect in tourism, restaurant and leisure services on October 1, 2020 and will continue until March 31, 2021, if necessary. The agreed exemptions apply to all companies in the sector and are subject to the same obligations as the collective agreement in force in the sector.

The agreement allows for a local agreement that the shift list of employees and supervisors can be published with a one-week notice period for a week or two at a time if demand for services and labor needs are exceptionally difficult to predict due to the corona pandemic.

In addition, special situations have been agreed upon in a protocol to the collective agreement due to the COVID-19-restrictions. In the event that the authorities impose new restrictions and it affects an already published work schedule, the employer may, for imperative reasons, amend that work schedule, unless other work is available. In this way, any missing working hours will be recorded and given later as soon as possible.

More detailed information about the agreed changes will be updated in the Wiki-card.