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Part-time work - 30.10.2018 klo 15.00

Extra hours have to be offered to present employees before hiring new ones

According to Juha Ojala entitlement to extra hours is not always correctly carried out at workplaces. Image: Eeva Anundi

PAM’s Advisory Services Manager Juha Ojala lists the most important things that any part-time employee should know about entitlement to extra hours.

You are entitled to extra hours at your workplace before a new employee is hired. Ask your supervisor for more working hours if your employer is recruiting new staff. Employers are obliged to offer extra hours to all employees interested in them, on their own initiative and on an equal basis.

You can monitor your right to extra hours by being active. Write down all planned and actually materialized working hours. If your shift is changed, note whose initiative the change was. You can use PAM Working Hours Calendar for this. If you feel that you could have taken the hours given to a new employee, contact your shop steward.

PAM has agreed, in the collective agreements with the employer organisations of the trade sector and the hotel, restaurant and leisure sector that the employer is obliged to check, at regular intervals, the actual working hours and the employment contract together with the employee. If the number of actual working hours exceeds the number of employment contract hours, the contract must be changed accordingly. This will guarantee more working hours on a permanent basis.

So remember to follow that your working hours are monitored and checked and that the working hours in your employment contract correspond your actual working hours.

According to the collective agreement in the security guarding sector, the employment contract hours must be updated to correspond the actual working hours if the employee or the employer so requires. Also Alko’s collective agreement prescribes that. Please look for further instructions in the collective agreement of your sector.

Take care of your rights and talk about extra hours with your colleagues!