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Fastline is open – support and advice available on working conditions in fast food restaurants

PAM’s Fastline is open for employees in the fast food sector to provide support for any problems you come across at your workplace, says PAM’s Organisation Manager Heidi Lehikoinen. Picture: Susanna Kakkonen

The problems that have emerged in fast food restaurants need to be put right. PAM offers a channel for employees in the sector where you can get support with any problems you face in your workplace.

The Fastline is open for you to tell about problems in your employment with things like wages and shifts, or report inadequate occupational safety or wellbeing at work and the way workers are treated.

The fast food sector is characterised by a fragmented operating structure and scattered locations, agency labour and the fact that for many young people in the sector it is their first job.

“The idea of the service is to offer an easy-access way for everyone to ask for advice. The cases that have come to light in the fast food sector are a grim reflection of the dark side of working life and especially of indifference towards and exploitation of young workers. This can’t go on. The Fastline is there to offer support to employees and an opportunity to fix the problems that have emerged", says PAM’s Organisation Manager Heidi Lehikoinen.

PAM’s Fastline offers a personal service to anyone who requests it regardless of whether they are a trade union member or not.

The Fastline is open – call or leave a message


You can call weekdays from 9 am to 8 pm or leave a message anytime and tell about your own situation.

  • Call us on 09 315 44 806 weekdays from 9 am to 8 pm (normal network operator fee) 
  • Send a WhatsApp message (24/7) to 040 723 9151
  • Send your details using the online form 

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