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Collective bargaining - 08.01.2020 klo 15.01

Follow the collective bargaining round

PAM is negotiating minimum working conditions for around 400 000 workers in the service sector.

PAM is this spring negotiating collective agreements for the private service sector. The collective bargaining round means that PAM negotiates together with the employer organisation about terms and conditions, which are setting the minimum in each sector. Such are salaries and wages, working hours, sick pay, pay for work on mid-week holidays etc. for workers.

The collective agreements for the retail sector and facilities services sector are expiring at the end January. At the end of March the agreements for the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry runs out. Last, but not least, there is the private security sector collective agreement, which runs out at the end of April. 

All in all 400,000 workers are covered by collective agreements. The number is high due to the fact that the majority of PAM's collective agreements are genreally binding. By this, many service sector workers are covered by the same minimum terms and conditions, regardless of wether the employer belongs to the employers' federation or not.

PAM's collective agreements and their duedates and scope (in Finnish)

New from the bargaining round


In general

19.3.2020 Temporary exemptions in the collective agreements

15.1.2020 Join us in the collective bargaining round and sign the petition

8.1.2020 In the collective bargaining round PAM is looking for a living wage and proper working hours

23.12.2019 Working hours to secure livelihood for part-timers


Negotiations in the main service sectors

Please notice that all news about PAM's negotiations, can be found on the Finnish website. 

Hotel, restaurant and leisure industry

18.3 PAM’s Executive Committee approves exceptional actions due to coronavirus epidemic
5.3 Collective agreement for the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry now being negotiated

Facilities services sector

16.2 Negotiation result in the facilities services sector

13.2 The mediation in facilities services sector continued today

11.2 The mediations are ongoing

7.2 The mediation within facilities services sector started

30.1 Negotiations in the Facilities Services Sector did not progress at all today. No new appointment scheduled yet.

28.1 Facilities Services Sector - Collective agreement period expires on Friday - no progress in negotiations

24.1 Changes of working hour act are currently discussed in the collective negotiations in facilities services

22.1 The collective negotiations in facilities services continued yesterday

14.1 The collective agreement negotiations within the facilities services to continue next week

10.1 The collective agreement negotiations within the facilities services started today

Completed Collective agreements 

14.2.2020 Collective agreement reached in the commercial sector

19.12.2019 PAM Executive Committee approved new collective agreements for ski resorts and adventure services for two years


Weekly summaries

9.3.2020 Negotiations continue on several collective agreements

2.3.2020 Negotiations to start this week on working conditions in the hospitality services sector

24.2.2020 This week PAM is negotiating several collective agreements with Palta

19.2.2020 Collective agreement negotiations continue in week 8

27.1.2020 Busy collective bargaining week ahead – six collective agreements in the service industry to expire on Friday

20.1.2020 Intense negotiations in the commercial and facilities services sectors – more agreements expiring at the end of this month
14.1.2020 Collective bargaining in six sectors this week