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Työehdot - 11.01.2022 klo 15.57

Food delivery workers won better terms in Spain and Holland

Picture: Just Eat Takeaway

The workers of the delivery platform companies Just Eat in Spain and Deliveroo in Holland are now covered by collective agreements, that gives them among other things minimum wages and the right to sick and holiday pay.

Spains largest platform company Just Eat Spain has made a collective agreement for food delivery workers with the trade unions CCOO and UGT. The collective agreement guarantees workers 30 days of annual holiday, sets the working day to a maximum of 9 hours and gives security in

In Holland the trade union FNV has won a case against the Deliveroo company. The company has ordered the delivery workers to be covered by the collective agreement. For the workers, it means they are entitled to fixed hourly wages as well as sick and holiday pay and other benefits.

In Finland, PAM has taken legal action against Wolt. PAM seeks a ruling that the PAM member is in an employment relationship with the platform. PAM would also be willing to negotiate a collective agreement with the food delivery companies.

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