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Working Life - 25.04.2022 klo 16.30

Gbemisola Esther enjoys customer service and getting good feedback

Picture: Anna Autio

Gbemisola Esther Obanla, 25, works as a team member at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Espoo and recently joined PAM.

“The best part of my job is making sure that everyone has an enjoyable experience and getting good feedback from the customers.”

The job also serves as an internship for her studies in International Business in Kajaani.

“There were no jobs at all in Kajaani, so I moved back to Helsinki to find work.”

She joined PAM when she got the job at KFC.

“I had read about PAM when I came to Finland but could not join until I found a job. I think it’s best for every worker to be part of the union to be on the safe side, to have someone to defend you and help in a crisis.”

In her free time, Gbemisola Esther does school tasks and make research for opportunities that will benefit her after her studies. 

Text:: Hildur Boldt