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Strike - 03.02.2023 klo 15.55

Grocery store strikes go ahead as planned - “The postponement of the strike at logistics companies won’t stop us”

Organisational director Risto Kalliorinne reminds all members that the strikes declared by PAM are legal and that all workers have the right to participate in them.

“Even though the first strikes scheduled to start Monday have been postponed, there are still extensive strikes set for next week.

The strike against commerce sector logistics companies was set to start on Monday, 6 February. But at the initiative of the National Conciliator, the strike has been postponed by two weeks by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Hence, this strike cannot start until 20 February.

Other strike notices for weeks 6 and 7 are not affected by the postponement.

“The decision is incomprehensible, but it will not stop us. Our work to get workers the pay increases they deserve continues”, says Kalliorinne.

Strikes declared by PAM are legal and all workers have the right to participate.

PAM has learnt that employers have distributed inaccurate information regarding the strike in order to try to undermine them.

“In this situation it’s important to only follow instructions by PAM and the shop steward. This is a legal collective action, and everyone is allowed to participate.”

He describes the sentiment at commerce sector workplaces as strong.

Check when and where there are strikes in commerce sector here

Text:: Hildur Boldt