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Have fun learning Finnish on a PAM course – sign up for new courses latest by January 16

Grazyna and Alexei enjoy a cup of coffee at the last class of the Opi suomea course in December.

Peals of laughter can be heard outside the lecture room. I peek inside to see students of Finnish enjoying their last class of the season. The autumn term has been a good one, even though two students say the grammar studies have really taken their toll.

Grazyna Kaczmarek from Poland and Alexei Vavarrete from Mexico are both happy with the Finnish course for advanced learners. They have been on PAM’s Opi suomea course since September, and intend to continue their studies in spring 2020.

“I really liked the course this term, the teacher was nice and the group was a good size. I feel like I’ve learned new vocabulary, which is useful. I’ve done pretty well, even though we’ve studied a lot of grammar, which is maybe the most challenging thing for me,” says Grazyna.

“I agree, the group has been great and we’ve had good team spirit. I’ve improved my spoken Finnish and I’ve learned more service industry vocabulary, so I’m happy,” says Alexei, who works in a multilingual environment.

“I speak four languages on a daily basis, Finnish, English, Spanish and Portuguese, so the course is really useful,” he continues.

Tips for learning Finnish from the students:

• Grazyna also practices her Finnish skills with her child. She suggests it’s good to talk to children about anything, there’s no need to be insecure.
• Alexei’s top tip is that it’s important to also study independently in your own time. The main thing is that you’re improving your skills.

“Unfortunately I use Finnish very little in my work in the restaurant industry. Now I have a new supervisor who’s Finnish, so I’m looking forward to using my newfound language skills,” Grazyna explains.

Grazyna has already been a member of PAM for eleven years. She’s also studying at a restaurant school and is planning on applying for Finnish citizenship soon.

“I’m happy with my work, but I’d also like to study in Finland, so I’m taking things one step at a time,” says Alexei, who has been a member of PAM for a year.

Both agree that it’s good to have a positive attitude and to not be afraid of getting involved.
“Finnish is spoken at all workplaces, so learning the language will help you move forward in your career,” they say.

Students attending the course during the fall received their diplomas from teacher Outi Rummukainen (left) in December.

Join us at the course!

PAM provides language courses for Finnish at work. The rules of employment will also be covered on the courses. Next spring, three groups will be arranged in Helsinki. The groups will be divided by skill level, and all groups will launch in February 2020 with a language skill level test. The course runs for 15 weeks and the 90-minutes classes are held every week at the same time.

After the skill test, the weekly group classes will be:

  • Group 1: Opin suomea – alkeet (beginner): 18 February – 12 May 2020 Tuesdays 15.00–16.30
  • Group 2: Puhun suomea – keskitaso (intermediate): 18 February – 12 May Tuesdays 16.30–18.00
  • Group 3: Luen ja kirjoitan suomea – edistyneet (advanced): 19 February – 13 May Wednesdays 15.45–17.15.

Sign up by 16 January 2020 and read more about the courses here

Text:: Marie Sandberg-Chibani