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Have your wages been paid wrongly? Didn’t you get your wages?

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If you don’t get your wages on your payday, you should get in contact with your employer right away.

If it’s payday and your wages are still not on your account, you should get in contact with your employer right away.
"It’s the responsibility of employers to make sure that wages are paid correctly and are paid to employees on the due date", says PAM’s Chief Negotiator Juha Ojala.

If employees think their wages have been paid incorrectly, they should ask their employer to correct them.
"In principle wages should be corrected straight away, but often the practice is for the correction to be made with the next wage payment", Ojala says.

Employees are entitled to late payment interest under the Interest Act if wage payments are delayed past payday. In practice, however, the interest rate implications of delays only amount to a few euros. Ojala points out that employers cannot tell employees that they have to sort out the delay with their bank.

"Employers are also liable for compensation if, for example, rent payments are delayed, leading to interest being charged."
If you still don’t get your wages, employees can make a pay security application within three months of their wages falling due. Ojala stresses that you still have to go to work, even if you haven’t got your wages.

You can read more about pay and wages on the PAM website.