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Membership - 25.02.2020 klo 09.00

Holiday Club timeshares for autumn and winter can be booked now!

PAM has timeshares at high-quality vacation destinations such as Katinkulta/Vuokatti, Saimaa, Kuusamo, Salla, Saariselkä, Tahko, Himos, Naantali, Tampere, Turku, Pyhä and Vierumäki.

The application time for timeshares offered to members during the weeks 23–53/2020 starts on 25 February, 2020.

Log into Holiday Club's  online service and send your application latest by 23 March 2020. The holidays are drawn between all the participants in the lottery by 27 March 2020, after which the result will be informed to participants.

Read more about the vacation  destinations , application and participate in the lottery.

After the lottery, holiday timeshares can be reserved on Holiday Club's web site  from 3 April at 10 am.
On the site you can also book remaining winter and spring holidays. 

Please inquire about Holiday Club's whole range of domestic vacation destinations  by calling RCI's telephone number  (09) 6937 9189.

Further information about PAM's destinations, how to apply or make reservations including RCI, read more here.

Holiday Club's online service tel 0300 870 903 (week days betwee 9 and 3 pm),