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Please notice that PAM and Unemployment Fund helplines are experiencing high call volumes especially in the morning. Answers to many questions is found on our web site.

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How does the layoff end and what is done after that?

The temporary lay-off ends on the day indicated in the lay-off notice. The employer may continue to lay off if work has continued to decline. Then, however, new co-operation negotiations will have to take place.

How does layoff end?
If the lay-off has been temporary, ie the end date of the lay-off notice has been entered in the notice to the employee, the lay-off will end at that time without any further notice. It is not necessary to notify the Unemployment Fund's online service that the lay-off is ending separately.

The 90-day temporary layoff is coming to an end - what now?
Several PAM members were laid off for a fixed period of 90 days in the spring. The employer may continue to lay off if work has continued to decline due to the corona situation. In that case, however, new co-operation negotiations must take place. The employer must give a new notice of lay-off and the employee must notify the TE Office of the continuation of the lay-off period. 

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