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It’s a good idea for summer workers to join PAM

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It’s worth joining PAM, also when you get a summer job in the service industry or if you are working in the service industry while studying, for example.

You never know what issues you will be faced with at the workplace, and the union can help you when it comes to things like employment contracts or pay.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employees aged under 18 deserve particular protection. Young people are, for example, more prone to accidents than experienced workers.

"Work must not harm the health or development of young persons. Therefore young people must be guided and supervised at work particularly carefully", PAM’s working environment expert Merja Vihersalo points out.

As a full member you also accrue the work requirement for earnings-related unemployment allowance. You accrue the work requirement when you work at least 18 hours a week. Read more about this under PAM membership.

It is advisable to remember a few facts about working life and working before you start a summer job. There are obligations, but in return employees also have many rights. Check out or Summer job checklist here.

The toll-free Kesäduunari summer job helpline also answers questions about working life on 0800 179 279 from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday. You can also ask questions on WhatsApp on 040 747 1571 and via the online form. Read more in English here. 

Guidelines for summer workers, coworkers and employers

Guidelines for young people

  • When you make your employment contract, ask how induction training is organised at the workplace.
  • During your induction training, ask whatever is on your mind, for example how inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment are prevented at the workplace.
  • Do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour from anyone, go straight to your supervisor, shop steward or occupational safety and health representative and report it. Your own experience is important. For example, you can ask why someone talks in a disrespectful way and make it clear that you don’t like it.
  • Make your own record of the hours you have worked during your employment.
  • At the end ask for a certificate of employment, even if your employment is short. A certificate of employment is useful when you apply for your next job.

Guidelines for coworkers 

  • Remember that everyone starts their career with their first job. When young people make their career choices they are influenced by their work experiences.
  • Be prepared to explain things patiently more than once.
  • Bear in mind that things that are routine for you are new for the young person.
  • Show interest in your young colleague’s views and their way of working.
  • Be a role model to the young person of a professional in the sector.

Guidelines for employers

  • Be prepared to give young people proper induction training. Explain how things are done at the workplace in different situations. As well as key work tasks, induction includes mental and physical occupational safety.

  • Choose an employee who is approachable and is motivated to work with young people to be your summer worker’s “godparent”. Appreciate the special role of the “godparent” in supporting the young person to have a positive work experience.

  • Show interest in your employee’s opinions. The fresh perspective of a young person may be valuable input for the workplace.

  • Remember that young people exchange their experiences amongst themselves. The way employees are treated affects young people’s impression of an employer, the working culture and even the way the company’s products are seen.