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Unemployment security - 11.05.2020 klo 15.00

More temporary changes to unemployment security legislation

Due to the changes, the specific adjustment period and the calculation of income from entrepreneurial activity based on tax data will be temporarily abandoned.

These changes are in force from 11 May until 31 October 2020 and are designed to speed up the processing of applications by the Unemployment Fund.

From now on both the adjustment period and the benefit claiming period are always four consecutive calendar weeks or a whole month, even if the period includes days with no entitlement to benefits. Payday wages paid during the adjustment period and pay-based working time are counted in the benefit adjustment, even if wages have been paid on a day when the individual was not entitled to unemployment benefit. If for example there is a two-week sickness allowance period during the application period and wages are paid during the period, the wages are counted in the adjustment.

If income from entrepreneurial activity has changed due to the coronavirus epidemic, as a result of which income for tax purposes cannot be used in the adjustment of unemployment benefit, the adjustment is made based on the entrepreneur’s own notification. Applicants must then separate out their own income and expenditures.

There is extensive information on the effects of coronavirus on PAM’s website. Read more here.