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New membership benefit: PAM's employment and career service will be available to you soon!

Ina Mikkola talks about working life and the appreciation of work in PAM's webinar. Photo: Ilmari Fabritius

The new employment and career service will be launched on Thursday 29 April at 11 o'clock with a free webinar hosted by Ina Mikkola. Attend a webinar and hear more.

PAM's employment and career service has been renewed. The service, which will start this Thursday, will offer personal coaching for PAM members.

The service is intended for members who are at risk of unemployment, unemployed or laid off, planning to change jobs or considering moving to a new career.

Personal coaching is free for PAM members. A career service coach helps with reflection and practical action toward new goals. Support is available, for example, for job searching or study opportunities. In addition, job interview coaching using a simulator is also available. Coaching is available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian.

An appointment for personal coaching opens on April 29. and you can make appointments from 3 May.

How much do you value your own work and skills?

In the first webinar of the Employment and Career Service arranded 29 April at 11 a.m. we are getting rid of the taboos of working life. When searching for a job, many experience a sense of incompetence for no reason at all. We also often compare ourselves to others and think that a co-worker is doing things better. Sometimes you even have to justify to acquaintances why you are not looking for “real jobs”.

It is time to get rid of these thoughts. In the webinar, Ina Mikkola, an advocate for the service industries and challenging the taboos of working life, speaks directly and concretely about the appreciation of service jobs.

You’ll also get tips on how to learn to appreciate your own work even more and how to get others to appreciate it too! This has also been proven to help in job search and finding your own route in working life.

The webinar will be opened by Annika Rönni-Sällinen, PAM President. In addition, you’ll hear practical tips from PAM’s employment and career services. You can also ask questions so you can take advantage of your new membership immediately!

Register here for a free webinar.

Read more about employment and career services and book time for personal coaching here.

A link to the webinar recording can be found after the webinar on PAM's website for employment and career service.