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Membership - 11.01.2021 klo 10.30

New PAM member Abdullah hopes 2021 will be a better year

Abdullah Al Shammari enjoys the work surrounding at Holiday Club Katinkulta. Photo: Kimmo Rauatmaa.

Abdullah Al Shammari became interested in PAM at a regional event for SOL employees. As a hotel housekeeper, he feels it is only natural to belong to the union representing service employees.

I am Abdullah Al Shammari, 31

I live in Vuokatti.

Joined PAM 27.11.2020.

I work as a hotel housekeeper for SOL Palvelut. 

My work duties include housekeeping and preparing rooms for hotel guests at Holiday Club Katinkulta. I have been working for SOL one year now and I really enjoy the job and especially the work environment at the hotel. The work team is international and you can hear many languages in the corridors. 

I have studied
cleaning and property services. Before I started work at SOL, I was studying Finnish. 

The corona pandemic had an effect on my working hours and I work less hours than before. I work four days a week and have three days off. When I calculate rent and other expenses, it is sometimes hard to make ends meet. Luckily, I have stayed healthy during the pandemic. I can only hope that, things will get back to normal soon.  

The future is an open chapter. For now, I am happy with my life and work.

Joining PAM felt natural as I am working in the service sector. I participated in a PAM event for SOL-workers in November and heard about the union. I signed up for membership the same day. This is actually the first time I belong to a trade union. 

In my spare time, I like outdoor activities and I go to the gym almost every day. I like to keep fit.