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Working life - 13.08.2021 klo 14.30

New PAM members Natalia Laitinen enjoys her work as a hotel housekeeper

Natalia works as a hotel housekeeper in Vaasa.

Natalia Laitinen joined PAM on the recommendation of a workmate. The support of the union adds security to her workday.

I am Natalia Laitinen, 56 years old.

My hometown is Vaasa.

I joined PAM in early June.

My employer is SOL Palvelut Oy, but I work as a hotel housekeeper the second year in a row in Tropiclandia Vaasa.

My duties include to maintain the hotel's public areas and hotel rooms tidy and clean. The importance of sanitation work is especially emphasized now during the pandemic. One can say that I am fighting dirt in my daily work.

Housekeeping is meaningful work and every day is different. I especially like our nice work community, as there is great energy. My co-workers always help me, and I help them. That is why I feel at home at work. 

The work pace can sometimes be tough, but I like the job and all the work I’ve done in my life. I used to work as a secretary in my home country Russia, but it is difficult to find a similar job here in Finland. I also have a medical education and experience working in various sectors. I have now been living in Finland for six years.

I became a member when my co-worker recommended PAM to me. I had been thinking about joining a union for a long time, and that’s why I was happy to join. Trade unions do a good job, they support employees in their daily work and as a member you also get good benefits. I wanted to join because I know I will get protection from the union if I need it.

In my spare time I read a lot of books and listen to classical music, such as Sibelius' compostions. In addition, I like to draw and cook. World history is also fascinating. I like cats and I have a maine coon cat named Kuzya.