News - 06.06.2017 klo 13.30

Disadvantages faced by immigrants in working life – difficult to check employment contract and wage slip due to language barrier

Immigrants working in the cleaning sector in the Tampere region have difficulties in understanding their employment contracts and employment conditions. These problems have come to light in PAM’s customer service, in employee interviews and in information received from shop stewards. Among other issues, employees find it difficult to check their wage slips because the language barrier makes them almost impossible to understand. »

News - 24.05.2017 klo 10.48

PAM Council: Objective of collective bargaining round is higher pay!

The Council of Service Union United PAM says that in the upcoming collective bargaining round PAM is seeking outcomes that can compensate service sector workers for the painful effects of the competitiveness pact. »

News - 04.05.2017 klo 12.36

PAM’s Ylitalo: Finland must invest in skills and improved working life quality

Jaana Ylitalo, Collective Bargaining Director at Service Union United PAM, is concerned about Finland’s future. In a changing and increasingly technological world, one of the biggest threats is a situation where the skilled labour needed to perform demanding work tasks is not available. »

News - 04.05.2017 klo 12.33

PAM’s Koivuniemi: Slave labour has no place in Finland!

Niina Koivuniemi, Organisation Director at Service Union United PAM, urges people to demand fair treatment in working life and hopes that people’s feeling of security is not undermined further. »

News - 02.05.2017 klo 15.03

Survey: Service sector workers experience increasing income uncertainty

Survey: Service sector workers experience increasing income uncertainty

Service Union United PAM’s economic barometer shows that service sector workers feel increasingly uncertain about their economic situation. In their responses, workers in the tourism and hospitality sector and the facilities services sector are most concerned about their financial situation deteriorating. »

News - 04.04.2017 klo 14.56

PAM’s Ylitalo: Management demand to end Sunday work bonuses in the hospitality sector is unreasonable

Jaana Ylitalo, Collective Bargaining Director at Service Union United PAM, is appalled at the views expressed by Jan Vapaavuori, the Helsinki mayoral candidate of the National Coalition Party, and Timo Lappi, CEO of the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa, claiming that Sunday work bonuses are undermining the attractiveness of Helsinki. Ylitalo points out that many Finns go to restaurants on Sundays too. »

News - 15.03.2017 klo 10.43

PAM: No need to alter working practices following decision by EU Court of Justice to ban head scarves

The EU’s Court of Justice issued a ruling on Tuesday 14 March 2017 according to which employers may ban workers from wearing visible religious and political symbols subject to certain conditions. The Court also states that no direct or indirect discrimination based e.g. on religion may take place. »

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