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PAM invites all service sector workers to participate in political protest

Everyone has the right to participate in the political protest even if they would not be able to attend the event at the Helsinki Railway Square.

The expression of opinion is the workers’ fundamental right, also recognised in the Constitution. Therefore, the workers always have the legal right to implement a political expression of their opinion, aimed at influencing decision-making in society at large. Political protests cannot be limited through industrial peace obligations, nor do they require, for example, official advance notice.

The employees’ joint political protest takes place on Friday 18 September at 11.00 to 13.00 at the Helsinki Railway Square. Bus transportation to the venue from all over Finland has been organised. Please check the PAM and SAK sites and Facebook’s StopNyt wall.

PAM encourages all service sector employees to participate in the protest by interrupting their work on Friday between 11.00 and 13.00 or as long as they are present at the Helsinki Railway Square for the protest.

When leaving for the protest, take care of your normal end-of-work measures and inform your employer. The employer cannot discriminate against or pressurise those participating in the protest. However, the employer is not obliged to pay your salary or wages for the hours of absence. After the protest, you should return to work in line with your advance roster.

In addition to the protests, you can send messages to Ministers Sipilä, Soini and Stubb. The central labour organisations have opened a web address at (”Greetings to the Government”) to protect the right to agreements and protest against unilateral weakening of workers’ terms of employment.

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