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SAK turns down Government’s coercive measures

The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK does not accept the Government plans to weaken workers’ employment terms and earnings. Finland’s largest union finds these measures to be unconstitutional, demanding that the Constitutional Committee of Parliament assess their legality.

Lauri Lyly, President of SAK, point out that the measures published by the Government to improve Finland’s competitiveness shake the very roots of the freedom of contract established in the Western world.

– If the proposals that weaken employment terms are implemented, the repercussions on the whole Finnish society will be unpredictable. These measures also mean that the Government has taken a chair in the labour market negotiation table, and that has never had good consequences.

Mr. Lyly adds that if the national-level agreements between the labour market organisations are intervened with through one-sided compelling measures, this will have a strong negative impact on the local agreements at the workplace level.

SAK sees a danger in the fact that the Government measures are particularly targeted at low-wage and public sector employees.

– Smaller Sunday compensations directly decrease the earnings of those in shift work, often part-time employees in the private service sectors, mostly women. The payless first sick day and other cuts related to the sick leave make it more difficult for parents with small children to go to work, President Lyly points out.



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