News - 12/2015

News - 20.12.2015 klo 09.08

Campaign for transparency in Lidl supply chains

Lidl is the only national grocery store chain in Finland that refuses to provide information on its subcontractors. The Finnish industry watchdog Finnwatch is campaigning to put pressure on Lidl to provide consumers with information on its supply chain. »

News - 17.12.2015 klo 11.49

All limits on shop opening times removed

Shops and hairdressers can choose their own opening hours as they see fit from February 2016, the Finnish parliament decided in mid December. The Service Union United PAM expects employers to issue new working hours to their existing staff. »

News - 08.12.2015 klo 13.57

Finland is heading towards major insecurity in the labour market

Negotiations on a broad labour market pact have been developing like an ancient Greek tragedy. But instead of a catharsis it seems likely that the end result will be chaos. »

News - 03.12.2015 klo 08.25

Employers pull out of negotiations for national labour market pact

The negotiations to draft a comprehensive labour market pact ended in the early hours of the morning of 2 November. Now the country is heading towards implementation of the severe cuts in incomes and labour rights planned by the right-wing Government. »

News - 02.12.2015 klo 15.19

Unions concerned about impact of social and health care reform

The Government finally outlined its plans on the long-debated social welfare and health care reform in November. The decision to divide the country into 18 autonomous health care regions will mean transferring more than 200,000 employees to new employers. »

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