News - 28.09.2016 klo 14.24

Finns march against racism and violent extreme right

The Finnish trade union movement backed demonstration against racism and violent right-wing extremism received widespread support. The demonstration in Helsinki at the end of September saw more than 15 000 people come together to make their feelings felt. »

News - 31.08.2016 klo 08.14

Basic income pilot scheme set to start with 2,000 unemployed

A pilot scheme is selecting 2,000 unemployed to receive a basic income of 560 euro a month. The pilot is due to get off the ground in January 2017. »

News - 28.06.2016 klo 09.27

Here’s how the competitiveness contract changes your terms of employment

A new annual leave system for the commerce sector, encouragement to introduce self-notification of sick leave and a long stretch without pay rises – these are just a few of the changes brought about by the competitiveness contract for PAM members. »

News - 09.06.2016 klo 13.51

New SAK President Jarkko Eloranta: Fragmenting forms of work demand modern trade union movement approach

People working in new forms of work tend to be undetectable when it comes to the trade union radar, says Jarkko Eloranta, the newly elected President of SAK, the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions. Unions must be able to identify these people and reach out to them. In short, get them on board and improve their situation, he stressed. »

News - 30.05.2016 klo 09.07

Home stretch of the national collective agreement round

These are the last days for negotiations on the new collective agreements under the umbrella of the national labour market pact. The dead-line on how to add 24 more annual working hours to some 300 collective agreements is June 1. »

News - 20.05.2016 klo 12.34

Survey: Finns appreciate their trade unions

Finns do have a high regard for trade unions. In a recent survey 81 per cent of union members say the union is a neccesity. 83 per cent said their union has a high level of expertise and 71 per cent think it is open and easy to access. »

News - 30.03.2016 klo 12.14

Number of workers included in collective bargaining agreements on the increase in Finland

The collective bargaining system in Finland now comprises around 90 per cent of those who are in employment according to a new study published by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. This figure has increased somewhat since the previous study findings in 2008. »

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