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Walkouts in the facility service sector

Walkouts at five workplaces in the facilities services sector – in protest at employers’ attempts to weaken the collective agreement in the sector

Cleaners at the ISS Services Service Centre walked out of the Bayer and Orion pharmaceutical plants in Turku early this morning.

Cleaners at the ISS Services Service Centre walked out of the Bayer and Orion pharmaceutical plants in Turku early this morning.

Early in the morning on Wednesday 7 February members of Service Union United PAM in the facilities services sector have walked out of their workplaces in a number of locations in Finland. The workers – PAM cleaners – resent the drastic cuts proposed by real estate employers and the slow progress of the collective agreement negotiations.

All Lassila & Tikanoja cleaning staff at Stora Enso’s Kaukopää (Imatra) and Tainiokoski plants walked out in protest at 6 o’clock in the morning. The walkout will affect, among other things, cleaning and refuse disposal at the plants. The workers will not be returning to work today.

Lassila & Tikanoja cleaning staff walked out at 6 o’clock this morning at the Stora Enso plants in Kaukopää (Imatra) and Tainiokoski.

Auli Velling, the shop steward representing the workers, says that the workers had had enough when they heard about the employers’ plans to radically worsen the collective agreement.
”The employers’ aims were too much for the workers, that’s why this joint decision was taken to walk out. We hope that this will be a useful move”, Velling says.

Workers in the facilities services sector had also had enough in Southwest Finland early on Wednesday morning. Cleaners working for ISS Services walked out of the Bayer pharmaceutical plant in Turku at 06.00. The walkout will last one day and workers will return to work the following morning at 06.00.

According to head shop steward Esa Hoppendorf, the workers’ walkout will have a big impact on the plant’s operations because work is done in shifts.
Twenty workers walked out at the Orion pharmaceutical plant at 06.00. The workers are ISS Services cleaners in Turku. The walkout will last all day.

There will be a significant impact at the Orion plant too.
”This is one way to speed up the collective agreement negotiations because everybody is talking about the employers’ cuts”, says Esa Hoppendorf.

Regional authority’s offices not cleaned in Joensuu
PAM workers at the ISS service centre on shift 4 walked out of their workplace at the Joensuu regional authority office building at around 08.30 on Wednesday. According to head shop steward Pirjo Kinnunen, the offices will not be cleaned.

Under the collective agreement the typical basic salary of a full-time cleaner is 1663 euros per month.

The Real Estate Employers association is proposing, among other things, to end all compensation for Saturdays, evenings before public holidays, Sundays and weekday public holidays and various extensions to daily working time that employers could unilaterally impose on employees. Summary of PAM’s and Real Estate Employers’ collective agreement proposals

Progress has been slow in negotiations between PAM and Real Estate Employers on a new collective agreement for the sector and the negotiating atmosphere has been poor. There is currently a break in the negotiations and no new date has been fixed for negotiations.






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