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Working life

Vuokko Piekkala was elected new National Conciliator

The Council of State appointed Vuokko Piekkla, a labour market executive for the Church, to the position as National Conciliator.

Master of Laws and och Administrative Law Clerk Vuokko Piekkala will commence the duties in August. The four-year-period lasts until August 2022.

Piekkala works at the moment as a labour market executive for the Church and church council. Piekkala succeeds Minna Helle, who gave her resignation in April in the middle of the term.

The election of Piekkala came as no surprise, as her name had been mentionde in these contexts already earlier in the spring. This time, it was the employers' duty to lead the election process of a new Conciliator. According to the electoral process, the elected must also recieve support from the other party, which in this case is the employees.

The National Conciliator is a mediator in labour disputes. She is an objective official who's work starts foremost when there is a deadend in the negotiations of the collective agreements by the labour organizations meaning that the labour market harmony is threatened.

Totally four persons applied for the position of National Conciliator.






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