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PAM’s Ylitalo: Labour market should support integration and provide opportunities for people to get involved in society

Jaana Ylitalo, Collective Bargaining Director at Service Union United PAM, stresses that a proper and legally functioning labour market has a big role in integrating persons with an immigrant background. Ylitalo would like to see more resources being put in to improve guidance and advisory services for immigrants and a concerted approach by the social partners.

Often persons who don’t speak the language and don’t know how the labour market works fair worse in the labour market. In Ylitalo’s opinion, underpaid employment and many other manifestations of abuse, especially among workers with an immigrant background, show that the whole integration process risks falling apart.

- Workers with a foreign background largely come into contact with Finnish language and culture through employment. That’s why it’s extremely important that the terms of employment, orientation and pay respect legislation and agreements, Ylitalo says.

Ylitalo is afraid that underpaid work will increase if society does not provide enough support for integration and language learning.

- Workers with an immigrant background are at greater risk of being exploited. When people move to a new country, they often find their first job in the service sectors. Therefore everybody - both the social partners and policy makers – are responsible for overseeing that employment conditions are implemented properly.

Ylitalo to be the Chairmen of the Nordic Union for the Service Sectors (SUN)

At its congress in Porvoo, the Nordic Union for the Service Sectors (SUN) elected PAM’s Collective Bargaining Director Jaana Ylitalo to be the Chairman of SUN for the next 4 years.

In the congress declaration, SUN states that trade unions play an important role in integrating immigrants into society and that the full inclusion of immigrants is important for Nordic trade unions.

SUN and its member unions wish to point out that the trade union movement plays a central role in welcoming persons coming into a country and integrating them into communities.

In the declaration SUN states that it is the responsibility of the welfare state to make sure that everybody enjoys equal opportunities in our communities. SUN also states that the welfare state also provides a safety net for persons in the weakest position in the labour market and that its structures should not be eroded to seek favour with market forces or political extremism.

Around 70 delegates attended the congress of the Nordic Union for the Service Sectors (SUN), representing workers in the facilities, cleaning, security and private insurance sector in the Nordic countries, in Porvoo on 23-24 August 2017.

News item first published in Finnish on 24 August 2017.






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