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PAM’s Executive Committee: PAM Members’ Strong Commitment to Political Demonstration

PAM’s Executive Committee urges all PAM members to take part in the political demonstration organised by SAK, the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, at Senaatintori in Helsinki on 2nd February. The demonstration demands the Finnish Government to cancel its active job-seeking model and abandon any further tightening of the terms of unemployment benefits.

The decision to take part in the political demonstration organised by SAK was taken already earlier by PAM’s Executive Committee. PAM’s President Ann Selin emphasises that the demonstration will send a stark message to the Government.

- PAM members will be there at Senaatintori on Friday next, in great numbers, to show the Government that the active job-seeking model, which oppresses the unemployed, must be cancelled. Both those with employment and those without it will demand this side by side, Ann Selin emphasises.
PAM’s Executive Committee took the decision to inform the National Conciliator and employer organisations of their decision although PAM is not obliged to do so by any law or agreement.

- This measure is aimed at safeguarding every PAM member’s right to take part in the demonstration without any fear of repercussions. It is our wish that as many as possible will now have the courage to take part in the demonstration, Ann Selin urges.

- This political demonstration is not directed against the employers. If one aims at taking part in a demonstration during working hours, one must inform the employer thereof in advance. Employers do not have the right to prevent their employees from taking part in the demonstration or punish them for participation, Ann Selin explains.

Further, PAM’s Executive Committee urges trade union branches to advance every member’s opportunity to take part in the demonstration.
The political demonstration, organised by SAK, will take place at Senaatintori in Helsinki at 11:00 on 2nd February, 2018. Further information about the demonstration at the websites of PAM and SAK (in Finnish).







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