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Event - 23.12.2020 klo 08.00

PAM donates Christmas card money to the International Solidarity Foundation

Lotta Kallio thinks it has been wonderful to see how great the desire of Finns is to help others. Photo: Heli Sorjonen

The International Solidarity Foundation fights for the rights of and violence against girls and women.

During the global crisis, the need for aid is growing all over the world. The financial distress of families has increased and the threat of violence against women and girls has increased, explains Lotta Kallio, Solidarity's Fundraising Manager.

"The International Solidarity Foundation is working harder to get aid to those who need it most, even during exceptional times."

The foundation focuses especially on securing women's livelihoods and working against female genital mutilation, Kallio continues, and at the same time warmly thanks PAM for the Christmas card donation.

“The risk of mutilating girls is high when schools are closed and girls spend long periods at home. For example, a donation from PAM will allow 167 Kenyan girls to enter a security camp at a time when the risk of mutilation is particularly high. At the camps, children learn about their own rights and the health risks of a harmful tradition of mutilation. Parents of children also take part in education and commit not to mutilate their daughters. ”

According to Kallio, next year the support will be focused on developing the livelihoods of Somali women, among other things, so that their livelihoods can also be secured in extreme conditions caused by climate change, such as droughts.

"It is great to see how, even in such a time, the desire of Finns to help others is great and that the realization of the rights of girls and women all over the world is a matter of the heart for many."

PAM donated € 5,000 to the International Solidarity Foundation. Read more about the donation at