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Collective bargaining - 14.11.2019 klo 16.26

PAM Executive Committee decided on support measures for the PAU strike

PAM Executive Committee decided on support measures for the PAU strike

PAM will announce its support measures on Monday.

This Thursday, the Executive Committee of PAM discussed the collective agreement negotiations of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU as well as any action to be taken in support. The Executive Committee decided on support measures which will be announced on Monday 18 November.

The strike of the Post and Logistics Union PAU is in its fourth day after beginning on Monday 11 November. PAU has called a strike encompassing all distribution, handling and delivery of mail. PAM has previously stated that no work may be done in a sector where a strike is in effect. This includes agency work.

Posti, the government-owned postal services company, has used agency labour extensively to break the strike of its employees. On Wednesday, the Minister of Local Government and Ownership Steering intervened, banning the use of agency employees.

Agency work and the scope of the strike

New agency workers in particular should make sure they are not being made to work across the picket line. In practice, workers should check to see what type of work they are being offered and which collective agreement is applied.

PAU has stated that the strike pertains to all work in postal delivery and handling which is included in salary appendix “P” of the Collective Agreement of the Communications and Logistics Sector. Additionally, the strike covers PAU members who are transport workers under appendix “P” , transport employees of Posti Kuljetus Oy as well as package handlers/postal workers, group coordinators and freight forwarders working in parcel services in Posti Palvelut Oy.

Please contact the picketers or the Post and Logistics Union for details of the scope of the strike.