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Collective agreement - 07.01.2020 klo 12.30

PAM wants a collective agreement for the hairdressing industry

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The goal of PAM is to continue to negotiate for a collective agreement for employees in the hairdressing industry to ensure minimum work conditions.

The Finnish Hairdressers’ Association terminated the collective agreement more than a year ago. Since then, PAM has been trying to negotiate a new collective agreement with Service Sector Employers PALTA. So far, the negotiations have been fruitless. PAM is still trying to negotiate a collective agreement for the industry, and is currently seeking new solutions to ensure decent terms of employment for the hairdressing industry.

Over the last few months, companies under PALTA have been issuing new instructions to employees regarding working conditions. These have included the abolishment of the annual leave system as well as a limit of ten paid business days for absences due to illness. These instructions were agreed between PALTA and the employers, and they have been communicated to employees as Palta’s recommendations for new terms of employment in the hairdressing industry.

PAM does not accept such recommendations and considers them attempts to erode employee protections, which is a sign of disrespect towards employees in the hairdressing industry.

"Employers don’t have to make cuts like these, and not all of them have. At present, approximately 500 employees in the hairdressing sector are under the collective agreement for the commercial sector, which guarantees certain minimum terms of employment. Additionally, many employers still follow the terms of the previous collective agreement in the industry,” says Ulla Moilanen, collective bargaining specialist.

At the moment, there is no industrial peace obligation since no new collective agreement is in place.

Are you a hairdressing employee with questions about this?

If the changes to the terms of employment pertain to you, you can get personal advice from our phone service. We at PAM are happy to help you and answer your questions.

To address the issue, you should keep a careful record of all of your working hours and keep your pay slips. As a PAM member, you are also entitled to legal assistance. We can take matters to court if necessary.

The service is available on weekdays between 10.00 and 14.00 at 030 100 620.

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