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Collective bargaining - 18.03.2020 klo 16.15

PAM’s Executive Committee approves exceptional actions due to coronavirus epidemic

The Executive Committee of Service United PAM today considered specific actions related to the coronavirus epidemic. Among other things, the Executive Committee approved temporary exceptions to collective agreements. The decisions concerned the hospitality sector, the retail sector as well as special sectors.

“Service sector workers are now having to do their work in highly exceptional circumstances. In service occupations and also for example cleaning, workers run a higher risk of getting coronavirus. At the same time they are also worried about their incomes because at many workplaces there is a fear that work will run out”, says Rönni-Sällinen.

PAM’s Executive Committee made a number of decisions designed to keep businesses running and safeguard the jobs of employees in the sector. Rönni-Sällinen considers the situation so exceptional that steps need to be taken to hold on to the jobs of service sector workers.

“Many service sector businesses are now in a very serious situation. Companies are fighting for survival and therefore we now need to take steps to enable companies to survive the epidemic so as to safeguard jobs”, says Rönni-Sällinen.
PAM’s Executive Committee now also expects clear decisions from country to support service sector companies and their employees.

“We have now done our bit to ease the burden on businesses. Now it is up to the government to take steps to secure workers’ livelihoods as they are hit by layoffs and unemployment at short notice”, stresses Rönni-Sällinen.

PAM has been in discussions with employers’ federations on exceptional actions resulting from the coronavirus epidemic both in order to secure workers’ livelihoods and keep businesses viable.

As regards the hospitality sector, PAM’s Executive Committee agreed to extend the period of the collective agreement for employees and supervisors in the hotel, restaurant and leisure industry due to expire at the end of March until 30 September 2020. It was also agreed to shorten the layoff notice period and negotiating periods under the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings as well as to extend the self-notification procedure for sick leave.

Similar temporary changes were also agreed for the retail sector, i.e. shortening the layoff notice period and negotiating periods under cooperation legislation as well as extending the self-negotiating procedure.

At its meeting PAM’s Executive Committee also approved the negotiating results reached with Service Sector Employers Palta for the collective agreements for removal services and cinemas. The agreements, with no extra competitiveness pact working hours, have been agreed for two years with pay rises in line with the general increase. These agreements also contain exceptions agreed for the period of the coronavirus. 

Details in the collective agreements will be published Thursdayu 19.3.2020