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Society - 22.08.2018 klo 14.36

PAM’s Executive Committee invites Prime Minister Sipilä to its meeting

Service Union United PAM President Ann Selin is extending an invitation to Prime Minister Juha Sipilä to the meeting of PAM’s Executive Committee to discuss the matters agreed in the competitiveness pact.

According to Selin, PAM committed to the pact because Sipilä promised to withdraw proposed coercive legislation and gave PAM his personal assurance that there would be no further cuts in unemployment security and that in future matters would be prepared on a tripartite basis.

“Since then, however, we have seen all sorts of proposals from the government that have gone against the competitiveness pact. In particular, the unpopular measures that have hit the unemployed were planned either without consulting the labour market organisations or what we said played no role at all”, Selin says.

So PAM is now inviting Prime Minister Sipilä to discuss with them how well the competitiveness pact has held up.

“We played a positive role in the current good economic situation by approving the pact. Prime Minister Sipilä promised to keep his side of the bargain and to discuss with us how it has gone. We will welcome Sipilä to the meeting of our Executive Committee in the autumn, where together we can see how well the promises that were made have been kept”, Selin points out.