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PAM’s priority action programme: How to reflect a diverse membership and evolve as a representative organisation?

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PAM’s Congress in June decided on a new priority action programme, which is made up of six themes. The last of these discusses ways to enhance solidarity and develop the organisation.

The diversification of work means job descriptions and the nature of employment relationships are changing, and there are even moves to replace employment relationships with other structures. Immigration and urbanisation are also increasing. These phenomena have far-reaching impacts on employees, working communities, PAM’s members and the services they need, the backdrop for interest representation and activities at the workplace.

The union’s future members may be employees, self-employed persons, freelancers, gig workers or unemployed, with skills acquired in Finland or other countries. They live in different regions of Finland, where the labour markets may differ greatly.

So that the union has the services for a diverse membership, services and activities will be defined and developed together with the entire community.

As well as its members, PAM consists of the branches, shop stewards, various decision-making bodies as well as its staff, and the changes and modernisation required affect everybody in different ways. PAM promotes the activity of shop stewards and supports them in their demanding role in a variety of ways.

Building a stronger network of shop stewards is one of the union’s key tasks in the next decade.
The branches must also develop their activities to better reflect the changes in working life and the expectations and needs of a diverse membership.

“By interacting with its members PAM strengthens a sense of community and makes its organisation more efficient and approachable”, the programme states.

Take a look at PAM’s priority action programme for 2020-2024.

PAM’s priority is

  • that PAM’s own services are a positive offering that activates members. In its activities and services, PAM better reflects the diversity of its membership.
  • more service sector workers have an active shop steward and that shop stewards have better operating conditions than at present.
  • that the branches are strong community actors and active local influencers.
  • to invest in ongoing skills development and well-being at work for its own staff to activate and serve a diversifying membership and enable quality lobbying work. Administrative decision-making and opportunities for members to participate and influence will be developed.