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Part-time workers can be entitled to unemployment allowances during annual holiday

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The summer holiday season will soon get going and the unemployment fund would like to remind members that part-time workers have the right to unemployment allowances during annual holiday.

Please remember that part-time workers may be entitled to adjusted unemployment allowance during annual holiday provided that they are registered as jobseekers with the TE Office. This also applies to laid-off part-time workers. The holiday bonus and holiday pay of workers on a part-time contract are taken into account in the adjustment and in accordance with the payment date. The date when holiday pay and holiday bonus are paid matters, because wage income is always adjusted in the application period that the payment date falls in.

If you take annual holiday during the application period, remember to notify this in your application. Always send your wage slips to the fund if your pay includes holiday pay. If the pay slip for the application period includes holiday pay for holiday to be taken later, tell the fund when the holiday will be taken.

Paid holiday accumulates the work requirement if holiday pay is paid for at least 18 hours in a holiday week. The fund needs pay slips for holiday pay so that periods of holiday can be properly calculated for monitoring the work requirement, since holiday pay is not specified in the Incomes Register. Applicants can also send in their pay slips after making an application using Send attachments on the e-services homepage. 

Holiday earned from full-time work does not entitle you to unemployment allowances 

Unlike those working on a part-time contract, if you are on a full-time contract and have been laid off on a shortened working week, annual holiday is earned from full-time work, meaning that earnings-related unemployment allowance cannot be paid for periods of holiday. On the other hand, in this case holiday bonus and holiday pay do not affect the amount of allowance, even if the payment date of these falls during a lay-off period.

You can read more about how holiday affects unemployment allowances here