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Quit chewing on it - Vote in the municipal elections!

The key issues of everyday life are decided by the municipalities. It’s better to address problems than just talking about them.

You can vote in advance in the municipal elections from May 26 to June 8. and on official election day on Sunday 13 June. For many, however, it will not be done, even if voting for one’s own candidate provides a way to influence municipal services. Exercise your right to vote.


Vote a PAM member to the local council

PAM's municipal election themes state that municipal services are of great importance, especially for low-income people. Services affect how work is done in a 24/7 society, for example for day care and public transport.

The advantage of those working in the service sectors is that they are the ones on municipal councils who truly understand the daily lives of employees. Municipal decision-making requires representatives who want to promote people's right to work in decision-making, create opportunities for a safe and good life and take care of the most vulnerable.

It is clear that the perspectives of decision makers are influenced not only by their party, but also by the kind of life they themselves live and know of. The city council is not representing residents in a miniature format, but it reflects the voting residents even better.

Check out PAM members who are running as candidates for their local councils in our candidate gallery and vote!

Municipal services make life easier

In the last municipal elections, about 60 percent of all eligible voters exercised their right to influence. The election study found that there is a link between education and voting in particular. The higher the education, the more likely you are to vote.  

Age is by no means as decisive a factor in turnout as is generally thought. For example, 72 per cent of 25-34 year olds with a university degree voted, but 38 per cent of secondary school leavers of the same age. The majority of PAM members have secondary education.

According to Sami Borg, an researcher who conducted the voting survey, the reason for not voting did not seem to be so much that people had not found things that they wanted to influence in municipal services. Instead, voting easily is left undone just if there is no social pressure on it.

As many as 71 per cent of those who responded to the PAM membership survey in November said they would vote in the municipal elections in 2021. In the municipal elections, power is shared equally. The voice of the poor has the same weight as the rich, the young as much as the old. It can be said that in an election, the voice of the weakest is at its strongest. Too few use their share of power. Once you get that share, it’s worth using.

Vote easily in advance!

  • Advance voting in municipal elections 26.5.-8.6.2021.

  • In Finland, there are a total of 930 advance polling stations in municipal elections.

  • You can choose a pre-voting location regardless of where you live, you can vote wherever you go.

  • General advance polling stations are often located in public spaces such as town halls, libraries and shopping malls. Advance polling stations can be found online at

  • When voting, you need an ID at the polling station.

  • Proof of identity is provided by an identity card, passport, driving license or equivalent document with photo. You do not need to carry with you the letter sent home about the right to vote.

  • If you do not have an identity card, you can apply for a free temporary ID card from the nearest police station to vote. You need two passport photos for that.

  • In the balloting booth, clearly draw your candidate's number on the ballot paper. Do not write / draw anything else on the voting ticket.

On the official election day on Sunday 13 June you can only vote at the polling place announced for you. The place of voting on election day will be mentioned in the notice of voting rights (letter) sent to you.