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Research - 04.05.2021 klo 15.00

Researchers are examining how service workers are doing - information is collected from PAM members

Researchers expect as many responses as possible from PAM members to an online survey sent to them. Photo: GettyImages.

The affiliations of the service sectors - well-being at work, competence and work efficiency - were last more extensively examined more than 10 years ago. It is high time to update perceptions.

The 2-year research project, which began in early February, has just sent questionnaires to 40,000 PAM members. The project adds research data on how changes in the service sectors have affected well-being at work, competence and work productivity. With the corona epidemic, the operating environment has changed even more.

A previous extensive review of working conditions in the service sector was made more than 10 years ago. The research targets are employees in tourism and restaurant services, facilities services, commercial sector and private security, as well as Compass Group Finland Oy, N-Clean Oy, Restel Liikenneasemat Oy and RTK-Palvelu Oy and their employees.

The aim of the research is also to produce tools that can be used to develop well-being at work and employees' competence, as well as to reform operations and prepare for change. Work ability management is also examined.

“The picture of well-being at work and competence in the service industries is formed by the work-related experiences of each individual employee. That is why we hope to receive as many answers as possible,” say specialized researchers Sara Lindström and Jarno Turunen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

They believe the information is also important for PAM so that the union can better serve its members.

The project also involves the Occupational Safety and Health Fund, the Tourism and Restaurant Services MaRa ry and The Real Estate Employers.

You can read more about this topic here (in Finnish).