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Union Congress - 05.06.2019 klo 16.30

Service Union United PAM's Union Congress elected a new Executive Committee and a Council

Sirpa Laakso was elected Chair of PAM's Council.

PAM's Executive Committee consists of 15 members and 3 general deputies. Furthermore, PAM's new Council was elected and its' 50 members.

PAM's Executive Committee steers the practical work at the union and among other things, it is in charge of the collective bargaining activities. Annika Rönni-Sällinen is both the Executive Committee's chair and the union president. Risto Kalliorinne is the Executive Committee's personal deputy.

As chair of the Council Sirpa Laakso was re-elected. Sami Viitasaari became first vice chair and as second vice chair Mira-Veera Auer was elected.

The Service Union United PAM gathers elected 371 delegates for the three-day Union Congress, where a new President and a deputy also is elected. Apart from the elections, the Union Congress decides on a Priority Program for the newt four years.

PAM's Executive Committee:
Chair Annika Rönni-Sällinen
Personal deputy for the Chair Risto Kalliorinne

Executive Committee members (15):
Marko Lähdesmäki, Vaasa
Sini Heikkinen, Helsinki
Janne Forsman, Helsinki
Tarja Puotsaari, Aura
Emma Haapasaari, Kokkola
Timo Tiikkaja, Pöljä
Marjo Korhonen, Paltaniemi
Petri Järvinen, Vataa
Satu Kuosmanen, Kerava
Kimmo Alatalo, Haukipudas
Lilli Kilpinen, Tampere
Seija Jaatinen, Joensuu
Piia Kyrö, Koria
Päivi Vehmas, Jyväskylä
Christian Karau, Tampere

General deputies:
Ulla Fagerström, Espoo
Sauli Isokoski, Pietarsaari
Heikki Laakkonen, Espoo

PAM's Council:
Chair Sirpa Laakso, Hämeenlinna
First Vice Chair Sami Viitasaari, Pori
Second Vice Chair Mira-Veera Auer, Helsinki

For all council members, please see the list here.