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Membership benefits - 25.04.2019 klo 09.05

Special offer for PAM members: 20 euro discount on tickets to Workers’ Music Festival

PAM members can get a 20 euro discount on tickets to the Workers’ Music Festival.

PAM is offering members a 20 euro reduction on tickets to the Workers’ Music Festival. Proof of membership must be provided when purchasing tickets or exchanging advance tickets for bracelets.

The Workers’ Music Festival will be held in Valkeakoski from 25 –28 July 2019. The festival is known for its amazing performances, warm atmosphere and impressive line-up of artists. PAM is offering members a discount on the ticket price of 20 euros. Tickets are on sale at the advance purchase rate up to 15 July 2019 and after that tickets can be purchased at the venue "at the door".

The programme of the music festival includes pop, rock, rap, workers’ songs and world music. The artists performing in summer 2019 include: Ismo Alanko, Tuure Kilpeläinen & Kaihon Karavaani, Atomirotta, Ellinoora, Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana and Pepe Willberg.

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Ticket prices for PAM members (including 20€ discount):

ADVANCE PRICE until 15 July 2019

Festival bracelet 3 days: 65€
One-day bracelet Thursday: 20€
One-day bracelet Friday: 20€
One-day bracelet Saturday: 30€

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PRICES AFTER 15 JULY 2019 ("at the door" prices)

Festival bracelet 3 days: 80 €
One-day bracelet Thursday: 25€
One-day bracelet Friday: 25€
One-day bracelet Saturday: 35€