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Collective agreement - 19.03.2020 klo 10.30

Temporary exemptions in the collective agreements

The purpose of these decisions is to assure both the source of livelihood for employees and the companies' operating conditions.

The coronavirus epidemic has caused an exceptional crisis for many service sector companies and their employees. In order to safeguard jobs and companies’ activities in service sectors a number of decisions have been taken on temporary derogations to collective agreements. Excemptions has been made in the following collective agreements; commercial sector,  tourism, restaurant and hospitality industry as well as moving services and cinemas. The latest decisions are changes affecting the facility services sector, Avecra train service staff, the adventure services sector, the ski resort sector and work under the amusement, theme and adventure park collective agreement.

The decisions taken concern temporary changes on shortening the layoff notice period and negotiating periods under the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings as well as extension of the self-notification procedure for sick leave. These decisions come into force now and more detailed information on them will be published on PAM’s website. On Wednesday 18 March PAM’s Executive Committee also made similar decisions on temporary changes in the hospitality sector and special sectors.

Read more about the exemptions here.